I recently close a VA IRRRL REFINANCE with Integrity Mortgage, and I thought I take a minute to express my appreciation to Bill Hierl, my loan specialists. A month ago I received a no thrills VA Rate -deduction notice from Integrity and I was about to trash it. Last year I refinance my home and because I had such a bad experience with that company, I’ve been shying away from doing it so soon again. (but I could not pass up such a low-rate) When I called with my query, I spoke with Bill Hierl, he didn’t stumble or grope about what he’d be able to do after I gave him some pertinent information. Needless to say, the whole process went smooth as silk. And that only happens when you deal with professionals. The courtesy, service and expertise that this company has will give them a Blank Check in the future.

San Leandro,CA

A big thank you to Bill Hierl in helping me navigate through the refinance process.  He made the process as quick and painless as possible.  He responded to my questions very quickly and helped me understand all the steps involved.  I would recommend Bill Hierl to anyone who is refinancing.

Cindy H.
Santa Rosa,CA

Bill Hierl is easy to work with and responsive with all my questions. As with any major financial transactions, make sure you review the paperwork thoroughly, ask questions as needed, and turn in everything in a timely manner. This was a conventional mortgage refinance. My friend used him a few years ago and recommended him as well,

Veronica C.
Los Angeles, CA


Excellent Service Bill Hierl

Bill Hierl was very professional, personable and quick to respond to any and all quires. I would absolutely recommend Bill and use him again

Dan S.
Posted 2/28/2013


Bill Hierl was great to work with

Bill Hierl was very helpful and professional throughout the entire process for all three of our loans. He was always on top of everything and keeping us in touch on the progress of each loan. Bill also saved us a great chunk of money by noticing a mistake
on the appraisal report and helped us with the appraisal dispute. We would definitely refer him to friends, family, and co-workers.

Cheryl R
Posted 4/2/2013


Bill Hierl

Bill was on top of every aspect of my refinance. He followed up with me when my requested rate was available and he locked it in for me. He always keep me in touch via email as I was out of town throughout my refinance. Everything went very smoothly throughout
the process. I would use Bill again and would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends.

Richard G.
Posted 4/14/2013


Great Service!

When we decided to pursue a re-fi on our home, I spoke with several representatives from a number of companies. From my very first conversation with Bill Hierl of Integrity Mortgage Group, I felt very comfortable and knew this was the firm we would use. I absolutely made the right decision! Bill was helpful, knowledgeable, and confident in what his company could deliver — and they did! From the day we started the process to the day of funding was just 3 weeks. Everyone I spoke with throughout the process was very professional and kept our loan application moving along. Bill even called me just to check in along the way to make sure I didn’t have any questions. I couldn’t ask for better service, and I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Bil..

Cheryl D.
Posted 5/16/2013


The True Definition of Customer Service – Bill Hierl

It has been a long time since being so impressed by quality service such as what I received from Bill Hierl at Integrity Mortgage Group. I originally found Bill several months ago by some random ad. At that time I called several lenders to discuss refinancing my home loan. I quickly found out that there were several items that needed to fall into place in order to re-fi, and I decided I would think about it again after a few months. BILL WAS THE ONLY PERSON WHO STAYED IN TOUCH WITH ME FOR MONTHS, AND ACTUALLY BROUGHT ME THE MARKET KNOWLEDGE THAT TOLD ME IT WAS TIME TO REFI! With no hesitation I knew I wanted to do business with only Bill, and when he told me it was time, I didn’t even shop around. We then began the re-fi process. I have owned several properties and been through the loan approval process multiple times, never once having the experience I had with Bill. Not only was this the hardest loan to close, with all the changes to my taxes due and my varying income issues, but Bill made it so painless with his professionalism and quality service …. it was also the best loan experience I have ever had. Can you remember the last time you called your agent AND WERE ABLE TO REACH HIM EVERY TIME YOU CALLED? How about the last time you emailed your agent AND HE EMAILED YOU BACK WITHIN 10 MINUTES EVERY TIME? Can you remember when your agent either knew the answer, or could get it to you within moments of your asking? Or how about the feeling of complete confidence that no matter what obstacle were thrown your way, your agent would figure out a way to close the deal? Bill was not only super responsive to my every question or need, he also kept me informed at every stage of the process. I honestly could not have been more pleased with his knowledge, responsiveness, stick-to-it-ivness, honesty, professionalism, work ethic.. I could go on and on. I have 2 more home loans that I would like to get on the books as soon as possible and I guarantee you I will be calling Bill for those and any future loan needs I have. Actually, I guarantee you he will be calling me to tell me it’s time !!! Integrity Mortgage Group, you have a SuperStar employee in Bill. If the rest of your employees are that fantastic…. you are doing something right.

Chareen H.
Posted 10/29/2013


Excellent Service from Bill Hierl

At the time I contacted Bill at Journey Financial, I had been in contact with two other lending agencies. The service was not good and I was not comfortable dealing with them. Bill gave me five star service all during the process. My e-mails and phone calls were promptly returned. Even though my questions and lack of understanding were frequent he was kind, patient and professional to me at all times. I will recommend Journey Financial and Bill as often as I have the opportunity.

Glenda G.
Posted 10/29/2013


Smooth ReFi

Just wanted to thank Bill Hierl for doing a nice job handling my mortgage refinance. Bill went out of his way to take the approval process as far as possible before I had to pay for the appraisal. This way, I felt reassured that I would most likely have a positive
outcome before spending any money. Once approved, the loan rebate ended up covering the appraisal fee, with a little cash back to boot. Bill kept me informed every step of the way, answered all questions quickly and there were no games or runarounds. There is a lot of information that must be provided during the process, but this is required by the lender and/or government. My brother is a CPA and VP of Finance for an investment company and he used and recommended Bill to me. I would not hesitate to use him again. Thanks again. Joe.

Joseph P.


A big thanks to Bill Hierl

We have refinanced several times over the last 20 years and the experience with Bill Hierl and Journey Financial has been by far the most satisfactory. Bill was always available for questions and gave us his personnel cell number and had no problem with us calling on him over weekends. I would highly recommend Bill and his company for any of your financial requirements. Thanks again Bill.

Tony M
Review Posted 7/1/2013


Bill Hierl…the best Loan Agent Ever!!!

Bill Hierl exceeded my expectations! I used him for my refi a few months ago and I was impressed! This time around I used him for the purchase of my home and he knocked my socks off! He is extremely professional and most importantly trustworthy! He gave me options and the fees he quoted me were right on point! He had our loan approved and ready to sign loan docs within two weeks. He got them to us for signing and loan funding within 24 hours! I’ve already recommended him to a few of my friends and will keep him in my contacts list for any future needs!

Review Posted 7/18/2013


Bill and Integrity Mortgage Group were awesome

I refinanced in 2009 and it was a nightmare. Lies, deceit, took forever, and all sorts of nasty surprises. Passed from person to person to person, no one knew what the last had done. It was crazy! It’s my pleasure to give Bill Hierl the highest review and recommend him to anyone who will listen. My experience with Bill was wonderful. I wrote to the company, stating exactly what I was looking for, and got straight answers immediately. We are in the unique position of paying off our loan early, and so I didn’t want to pay anything to refinance or roll any costs into the loan. Bill understood exactly what I was looking for, and gave me a range of loan
terms to choose from and made sure that all the numbers added up. I knew what I was doing this time, but I have no doubt he would have happily explained everything in detail had I let him. He kept me up to date as the rates fluctuated day to day, and locked us in the moment we said “go”. He made sure our credit looked good before spending ANY of our money on an appraisal (which you have to pay for up front no matter what). The whole process was so smooth, with no glitches or surprises. Bill was “our guy” from start to finish – no getting the run-around and no getting passed from department to department. And we closed in record time: we first contacted Integrity Mortgage Group on October 17th, submitted the application on October 21st and closed on November 8th!! The rates were on their way up back then, too, so if we had gone with the “cheaper” lender (who gave us the run-around on no-cost loan, kept calling night and day, and only offered a 30-day lock) we would probably have been out of luck. THANK YOU BILL!!!

Kate P.
Review Posted 1/10/2014


Excellent refinance experience with Bill Hierl

I just recently refinanced my home with Integrity Mortgage Group and I couldn’t be happier. The whole process went through seamlessly without any issues. My adviser was Bill Hierl and he was extremely attentive and helpful. I will definitely recommend Bill to anyone that is looking to refinance.
Posted on 1/10/2013


Bill Hierl – Refinance King

I just completed a rather long, drawn out refinance with Bill. Despite some difficulties with the lender, Bill stuck with it and made sure I was able to keep the rate I locked in at no additional charge. There were no big surprises or additional charges,and everything turned out as promised in the beginning. Bill was conscientious and kept me informed throughout the process which was extremely important because of the delays. I highly recommend Bill if your looking for someone to help you in a refinance.

Posted on 2/13/2013


Great job Bill Hierl

My experience with Bill Hierl was nothing less than wonderful. Bill was very helpful and professional in handing our refinance. He kept me informed on everything that was going on and where things were at during the process. I was always able to talk with him on the phone when needed. The refinance went though easily and in a timely matter. After the horrible experience we had Bank of America, it was so nice to have a company that knows what they are doing. I will recommend Bill to everyone
Gloria Sanders
Posted on 2/28/2013


Excellent Service Bill Hierl

Bill Hierl was very professional, personable and quick to respond to any and all quires. I would absolutely recommend Bill and use him again


Kept me well informed throughout the process!

Bill Hierl was great to work with! He presented all of the viable options available for my refi! This made me feel comfortable enough to make the decision to go with him as opposed to other companies I had received quotes from. He kept me well informed
throughout the process and it was a pleasure working with him! Extremely professional and patient in explaining the annoying nuances that can sometimes be confusing to the average homeowner! Saved me close to $600 a month with my refi!

Posted on 3/21/2013



Bill Thanks you very much. You are a terrific guy. We just finished refinancing our home. Bill was, there for me, from the begging.H e will call me or email me at all times and let me know everything I needed to know. On top of that we got the best rates available and we saved a bundle. I would gladly recommend Bill Hierl to anyone who wants superior personalized service. I had the privilege to meet up with him at his office. He explained everything to us and guide us through the process of re-financing till the end.. Very professional. He deserves more than five stars.

Posted on 3/21/2013



Thanks to Bill Hierl for assisting me through a recent refinance. Without his very professional handling and expertise, I could not have been able to complete the process. Mr. Hierl is an outstanding professional and his company, Integrity Mortgage Group, is very lucky to have him as a highly qualified team member of their company. Please feel free to contact me if any further information is desired.

Simone H.